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Fr-2-Sep-2022 | 18:00pm CET

The Fraud Interview

This course will be an overview of: Interrogation plans, procedures, and techniques The elements of crisis stages in fraud Witness inquiry and communication techniques The techniques of detecting deceptive behavior in an interview: The preparation of a fraud report.


Fri-9-Sep-2022 | 18:00pm CET

Characteristics of an effective organization: Success inside and out

Get best practices of companies that build success from the inside out with their decision-making processes, the way they manage and motivate people, and the styles of their leaders.

 49,00 79,00

Fri-9-Sep-2022 | 20:00pm CET

Delegation in a small firm

Explanation of the basic concepts of successful delegation. How to mindfully choose what to delegate and who to correctly delegate to. Discussion of successful steps in handing off a task. Understanding of the seven levels of delegation, and develop awareness of software that supports delegation.

 29,00 49,00

Sat-10-Sep-2022 | 15:00pm CET

Capital investment: Cash-flow analysis in capital budgeting

Master cash flow analysis in capital budgeting. Recognize the basic terms, concepts and steps involved in the capital budgeting process for making investment decisions. Evaluate cash flows using various techniques and models for forecasting, asset expansion and asset replacement projects.

 79,00 89,00

Thu-15-Sep-2022 | 15:00pm CET

Time management for professionals

Explore causes of time-wasters in the workplace, common and effective time management systems, productivity-enhancing techniques, holding productive meetings and creating a culture of productivity in the workplace.


Wen-21-Sep-2022 | 20:00pm CET

Creating a culture of integrity

This course will be an overview of: Integrity generally, including definitions and the importance of integrity in the workplace.The general steps required to build a culture of integrity.Common examples of incorporating the five-step process to build a culture of integrity in a workplace.Strategies for balancing integrity with business challenges.

 49,00 79,00

Fri-23-Sep-2022 | 18:00pm CET

Enhancing audit quality

The AICPA has an Enhancing Audit Quality Initiative. Understand what has been accomplished and what is left to do. Identify the fundamental principles of the AICPA’s Statement on Quality Control Standards, and learn about recent developments in improving the quality of financial statements.

 49,00 79,00

Fri-23-Sep-2022 | 18:00pm CET

Consulting skills: How to develop customer surveys

This course will be an overview of: What is a survey? Why should you survey your customers? What are the methodologies of surveying your customers? How do you link survey questions to the customer’s journey map with your company? Why should you encourage customers’ complaints? How can you use customer feedback to improve your products and services?

 49,00 79,00

Tue-27-Sep-2022 | 15:00pm CET

Change management: Making strategy happen

Many of us have had the experience of developing a well-thought-out plan or performance objectives, only to have the implementation fall flat. This course will provide you with the strategic and tactical framework to successfully implement change initiatives.

 49,00 79,00

Thu-29-Sep-2022 | 15:00pm CET

Cybersecurity: How to build a successful cybersecurity program

Recap of information security and the role of the cybersecurity professional. Discussion of the components of a cybersecurity program and the risks associated with B.Y.O.D., IoT and third-party access. Review the importance of cybersecurity training for employees.

 59,00 89,00

Thu-29-Sep-2022 | 20:00pm CET

Motivators – Understanding what drives your behaviors, and what drives others’ behaviors

Discover why individuals behave the way they do. Course provides insights into patterns of combinations of motivators and the importance of this knowledge in self-awareness.


Fri-30-Sep-2022 | 18:00pm CET

The power of using compelling questions

Overview of what a question is, why they should be used, questions to ask during strategy development, and thoughts on problem-solving, decision-making, creativity, interpersonal communications and personal career success.