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1# Course Provider for Finance Professionals in Europe

7 Professional Programmes and +20 Years Experience

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Internal Accounts for Businesses

3-in-1 training to acquaint participants with the footholds of accounting

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  • Global Financial Compliance
  • Introduction to Securities and Investment
  • Internal Accounts for Businesses
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“A Trusted Partner for Finance & Investment Professionals in the Benelux Since 2000”

Certificate in Ethical Artificial Intelligence

“AI has the potential to affect society and individuals materially in both positive and negative ways. The rapid development of AI technology means that ethical considerations must be taken into account from the beginning of the design process,”
Michael Mainelli, Lord Mayor Elect of the City of London 2023–2024

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

The ACCA Fundamental and Professional level, when combined with approved practical experience, form the full ACCA qualification. The programme is structured to nurture respected, and well-rounded and global finance professionals.

The CMA adds value to your organization

CMA’s – the globally recognized, advanced-level credential for accountants and financial professional – bring strategic thinking, applied work experience, and the ability to convert data into dialogue. If your company wants to close the skills gap and gain a competitive edge in the market, encourage your employees to earn the certification. Our staff enrollment program makes it easy to get started.

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