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CPA | American institute of Certified Public Accountant

With the widespread adoption of U.S. Accounting Principles (U.S. GAAP) & International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), many multinational companies and accounting firms are asking specifically for U.S. CPAs to handle their U.S. accounting, audit, and regulatory requirements.

The demand for U.S. CPAs is on the rise and we want you to be part of this niche group. CPA is considered gold standard in the fields of accounting and finance. The CPA designation is earned through education and relevant experience and license. CPAs are globally recognized as premier accountants and are hired across industries throughout the world.

ICC & BECKER™ – ‘a global leader and a continental expert’

BECKER is a strategic partner of American Institute of Certified Public Accountant (AICPA) and a global leader in US professional (applied) education; driving student success for over sixty years with 1 million+ candidates, all top 100 accounting firms rely on BECKER to help their staff prepare for the CMA examinations.

ICC has introduced UK professional accounting & finance education (incl. ACCA and CIMA) to the Benelux, and for over twenty years the institute is recognized by accounting firms and HRM & finance departments as a reliable training partner.

Today we are pleased to introduce the CMA & BECKER partnership to the Benelux market, providing students and companies with the unique CPA product and BECKER’s outstanding quality content and personalised learning experience. All our learning solutions are tailored to the needs of the European students.

Syllabus & Exam: 4 Parts covering 18 Competencies

Auditing & Attestation (AUD)
  • Ethics, Professional Responsibilities and General Principles
  • Assessing Risk and Developing a Planned Response
  • Performing Further Procedures and Obtaining Evidence
  • Forming Conclusions and Reporting
Business Environment & Concepts (BEC)
  • Corporate Governance
  • Economic Concepts and Analysis
  • Financial Management
  • Information Systems and Communications
  • Operations Management Ethics
Financial Accounting & Reporting (FAR)
  • Conceptual Framework and Financial Reporting
  • Select Financial Statements Accounts
  • Select Transactions
  • State and Local Governments
  • Corporate Governance
Regulations (REG)
  • Ethics, Professional Responsibilities, and Federal Tax Procedures
  • Business Law
  • Federal Taxation of Individuals
  • Federal Taxation of Entities

More details about the content and topics of the CPA Program is covered in the handbook.


Course Programmes

Blended LearningOnline Learning
Face-to-Face lecturesOnline-Learning
BECKER™ digital learning materials (Advantage)BECKER™ digital learning materials
Duration: 37 weeks per partOnline access: 24 months or unlimited
Study hours: 7/9 hours a weekStudy hours: individual
For whom: A-level and Bachelor studentsFor whom: A-level and bachelor students
Fees: EUR 1,150 per part
Fees: EUR 3,220 all parts
Fees: EUR 2,390 all parts (Advantage)
Fees: EUR 2,990 all parts (Premium)

BECKER™ Personalized Learning Experience

BECKER™ Course Resources

Course ResourcesPremiumAdvantage
4-part review course
Printed & annotated digital textbooks
1,250+ digital flashcards
Proficiency score for every module
More than 400 SkillMaster videos
Content updated regularly to match CPA Exam blueprint
12 simulated exams that mirror the CPA Exam style and content
1-on-1 academic support from expert CPAs
Online FAQ database
Unlimited practice tests
Mobile app access
Study planner
Video lectures
Task-based simulations with 400+ SkillMaster videos
Flexible financing options
Accounting for Empires game
Unlimited access
LiveOnline classroom scheduling option
Access to CPA Exam success coaches

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