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ICC’s internships programme offer on-the-job development across a range of levels in the fields of accounting, finance and securities & investment, regardless of age or background. They can provide a viable route for school and college leavers, or experienced professionals who want to progress in a particular career through work-based study. And with the introduction of the Internship programme, employers can access development opportunities and funding that can benefit almost anyone in the workforce.

For learners

  • Earn a salary while you learn on the job.
  • Gain the skills that apply to your role straight away.
  • You can dedicate 20% of your working time towards your studies;
  • Upskill or progress in your career if you are already in a role.
  • Develop skills aligned to the expectations of employers.
  • Paid for by your employer, meaning no cost to you.

For employers

How do apprenticeships benefit your employees?

Used right, an apprenticeship strategy can play a key role in delivering recruitment goals and business growth. They can align with job families, positions and projects to create an agile workforce with a learning mindset.

  • Programmes can be highly relevant to specific roles, equipping employees with skills that align to their career ambitions.
  • They help people develop agile thinking and a learning mindset, which unlocks potential.
  • New skills and knowledge can be applied immediately in their role, building confidence.
  • Greater job satisfaction helps to create personal fulfilment.
  • You can pay for apprenticeships using your levy pot. Find out how.


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