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CMA | American certification of Certified Management Accountant

Experience Becker’s CMA course with a complimentary 14-day demo which includes:

  • Exam preparation materials for one full unit under each part of the exam
  • Access to digital textbooks, MCQs, essay questions and flashcards
  • Personalized review sessions and unlimited practice tests
  • Adapt2U Technology that assesses your knowledge as you prep, so you can focus on the areas where you need the most help
  • Automatically transferred progress if you purchase the Becker CMA Exam Review — no need to redo any work completed during your free trial period

From regularly updated content to our new user interface, we have enhanced every aspect of our CMA Exam Review to mirror the exam as closely as possible. Becker wants to prepare you, mentally and emotionally, so you have the confidence you need to cross the finish line.

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