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For more than 60 years, Becker has been the leader accountants trust to help them stay current with the latest industry content. Becker’s CPD courses feature has been the leader accountants trust to help them stay current with the latest industry content.

Most popular courses

Fraud Investigation – Series

This course covers the existence of fraud and the circumstances that support the need for investigations and covers the elements of fraud investigation and inquiry. Learn investigation approaches, methods and techniques.


Identity theft (Series)

Delve into how identity thieves can take your money, destroy your credit and ruin your reputation. Discuss ways to stay a step ahead of this ever-changing crime by taking effective preventive measures and how to put your life back in order if you do fall victim.


Audit sampling – Series


Microsoft® Excel fundamentals + Data analytics certificate

VLOOKUP, pivot tables, INDEX and other critical Microsoft Excel functions are an essential part of an accountant’s daily tasks. Improve your Excel skills with this comprehensive program that covers everything from the essential fundamentals all the way to in-depth applications for data analytics. This program is perfect for those who want a full end-to-end training in the foundations of Excel, data visualization, and advanced analytics. You will receive CPE credit for each course completed and a certificate once all 14 courses are completed.


Strategic management: The tools to compete in the era of rapid change (Part 1)

Its a rapidly evolving world today, and success demands the ability to plan at both the strategic and tactical levels. In this two-part course participants will learn how strategic analysis, strategic and tactical plans, and the budgeting process interact with one another. They will also learn the underlying core concepts and process of successful planning and budgeting.


Techniques for project scope and time management